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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

SUCCESS: +30 More Surfers Equipped w/ CPR Training in Encinitas

The CORE Project joined forces with the Big Wave Risk Assessment Group (BWRAG), Changing Tides Foundation, and 30+ members from the Southern Californian surf community to discuss ocean safety risk assessment, practice CPR, and strengthen ties amongst surfers to improve lineup safety.

"It's a ripple effect," says event organizer Gabriela Aoun. " We organized this effort in hopes that each one of these surfers will spread their newfound knowledge and awareness - from the workshop- to fellow members of their community. Now there are that many more surfers + beachgoers that are willing and able to respond in an emergency."

One key takeaway is that accidents can strike at any given moment, often when you're least expecting it. As victims of an unexpected trauma back in August of '20, we can validate this.

That is why we value the essence of equipping ALL surfers and ocean enthusiasts with the common knowledge needed to respond in an emergency, keeping themselves and others safe in the water.

Stay tuned as we announce similar outreach events - in partnership with surfing's elite water safety groups - coming very soon.

Please consider making a small contribution to help us continue our work.

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