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What We Do:

The CORE Project is a nonprofit organization that safeguards beach recreation and ocean sports through a multifaceted approach that encompasses education, preparedness, and public outreach. Here are some key ways our organization achieves this: 

Emergency Response Training

The CORE Project provides surfers and ocean enthusiasts with essential knowledge and skills to respond effectively during emergencies, such as drowning incidents or injuries in the water. This may include CPR and first aid training, water rescue techniques, and awareness of potential risks.

Public Safety Campaigns

Through public outreach initiatives, the CORE project raises awareness about ocean hazards, safety protocols, and the importance of responsible beach and ocean activities. These campaigns involve workshops, seminars, and educational materials distributed to beachgoers and local communities.

Advocacy for Policy and Regulation

The CORE Project advocates for policies and regulations that prioritize beach safety and ocean sports, promoting the implementation of safety measures and guidelines at beaches and popular ocean recreation areas.

Surfing Etiquette/Ethics Education

To reduce safety hazards in overcrowded surfing lineups, our organization focuses on educating surfers about etiquette and best practices, fostering a safer and more respectful surfing environment.

Research and Hazard Identification

The CORE Project conducts thorough research to identify potential hazards in surfing and ocean sports. By understanding these risks, you can develop effective strategies to mitigate them and promote a safer ocean experience.

Collaboration with Authorities

We collaborate with local authorities, lifeguards, and relevant organizations to enhance beach safety and improve coordination during emergencies.

Community Engagement

Engaging with local communities and beach users helps build a sense of responsibility and ownership of ocean safety. By involving stakeholders, the CORE Project creates a collective effort to safeguard beach recreation and ocean sports.

By combining these strategies, the CORE Project helps create a safer and more enjoyable environment for beach recreation and ocean sports, ensuring that surfers and ocean enthusiasts are better equipped to handle emergencies and understand the importance of responsible behavior in the water

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