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Surf Safety Podcast w/ Occupation Wild

The CORE Project is proud to announce a brand new podcast episode with Courtney Condy, the founder of Occupation Wild. The podcast talks about the dangers of outdoor recreation, highlighting the issue surrounding surfing lineups around the globe + why everyone should be equipped with at least some CPR, First-Aid, and Emergency Response training.

Courtney and Yehuda (Founder of CORE Project) share their personal experiences and how dealing with past traumas have inspired them to help safeguard future outdoor adventures.

Check it out! Now streaming on all of your favorite podcast networks:

About Occupation Wild:

Occupation Wild is a job board for the outdoor, adventure, and travel industry, founded in 2018 on the belief that if it’s just for a season or for a lifetime, there is nothing more rewarding than working in the outdoors. Spearheaded by travelers and outdoor professionals, Occupation Wild’s easy to navigate platform and growing audience of outdoor enthusiasts attracts some of the best companies in the outdoor industry. Fueled by a passion to help people redefine how they see their careers in June 2019 the spin-off The Occupation Wild Podcast was launched to showcase travelers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and outdoor professionals who left the traditional to live life beyond 9 to 5.

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